The Dem: April, 2014


New Office Setup

Standard Design 2014

The new home of Standard Design, 2014.

A Message About My Comics

After five years of stripping in The Valley Advocate, I’ve decided to quit the weekly comic routine in early May. It’s been a rare and wonderful experience to be a paid, independent, in-print cartoonist in this day and age. I thank the Advocate very much for the opportunity. I’ve had a good run. Read more

Bob Dylan: It Must Be Satan

I think Bob Dylan’s “It Must Be Santa” is a good song. Good video, too. Especially if you pretend that Bob Dylan is playing an unseen, malevolent devil character who is spiriting around the party making people dance and do crazy things. I don’t know if that’s what the video is actually about, but I like pretending that it is. Read more

Things I’m Doin’ In The Next Few Weeks

1. I’ll be participating in the Hot Chocolate Run for Safe Passage on Sunday. Thanks to some very generous donationeers, I am FIVE DOLLARS away from my fundraising goal of $200. Pigpile on the donate button to help victims of domestic violence. Thank you!

2. On this side of Massachusetts, on Saturday December 14th, I’ll be reading a (really) short story from the upcoming issue of Meat For Tea at their fancy book release party thing.

3. On the other side of Massachusetts, on Saturday December 21st, The Demographic will be playing our last show of the year at TT The Bears. A rare and precious trip down the Pike not to be missed!
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The Demographic covers “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”

The Demographic & Friends cover this Mavis Staples song from the nigh-classic film.

$7 Toy Guitar from Savers




Just got my Blu-Ray & poster for the Arrested Development Documentary Project. It was many years in the making. Finally feels done. Cool seeing my artwork on all the stuff. Good job, Jeff & Neil!

Three Upcoming Things

1. DESIGN: I will be giving a little presentation at FOE Gallery in Northampton on Sept 26th. Topics to be discussed: Graphic design, writers, funny TV shows, musicians, people who jam econo.

2. COMICS: I will be selling comics and whatnot at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo 2013 in Boston on Sept 28th and 29th. (Facebook)


3. ROCK: The Demographic plays an increasingly un-rare acoustic set on Saturday, October 5th at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

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