“Let’s print our bullshit on a hunk of plastic!”

This is the third or fourth Xfinity/Comcast junk mailer I’ve received that includes a fake credit/gift card, which seems to exist solely to make people open the envelope. It’s either A. tricking recipients into thinking there’s a real card in there, or B. causing them to open it simply to recycle the card. What a bunch of wasteful, cynical, unimaginative shitheads.

comcast xfinity

Hey look I made an animated GIF

Kurt Vonnegut – author portrait

This is an original digital illustration of Kurt Vonnegut, author of Slaughterhouse Five, Breakfast Of Champions, and ten more of my favorite books ever. 12″x14″ print on heavy white cardstock. signed in pencil. I originally drew this for The Valley Advocate back in 2007 when Mr. Vonnegut went up to heaven.

It is available for sale on ETSY. So it goes.


This weekend I learned about “The Notch,” an underground bunker built into the side of Bare Mountain in Hadley (right up the road from Atkins Farm). It was constructed in 1958 and built to withstand an atomic blast. The Notch (aka the 8th Air Force Combat Operations Center) was one of five ground bases across the US, part of the Post-Attack Command and Control System, which was ‘a crucial component of the US mutual assured destruction doctrine.’

The roof is three feet of lead reinforced concrete under six feet of dirt, with seven+ foot thick walls. Sitting on 26 acres of land, it has its own generator and ventilation system, five wells, and storage tanks for 800,000 gallons of water. Inside, there’s 44,000 square feet of space, including a glassed-in command center.

It was decommissioned in 1970. Now Amherst College owns it and stores books there (currently, 8.5 miles of shelving, and counting). It’s still surrounded by barbed wire, and the security checkpoints are still there, too. According to a newspaper article at the time of sale, it was on the market for only $250,000 and was zoned residential (!).

wikipedia entry
Amherst College slideshow

security checkpoint 2 Mustang! zoned residential!

notch-door Security checkpoint 3 photo by John Mcginn

Busy Friday

On Friday, July 11th, I’ll be at the opening of the LOOK 4 show at FOE Gallery in Northampton…

…then I’ll be skedaddlin’ over to Easthampton to play a show with The Demographic at Luthier’s Co-op – one of the finest establishments I’ve had the pleasure of playing at.

My painting(s) will be up at FOE until August 3. The Demographic is always around waiting to be listened to online. Maybe I’ll see ya!



I apparently just coined the term “harshitecture.” YOU’RE WELCOME, WORLD.

Barbarian Lord!

Barbarian Lord is out today! Matt Smith, my good friend for many years, has finally released his first graphic novel from Clarion Books! Buy it online or look for it in real-live non-virtual bookstores! I made the book trailer for the project:

Movie Poster Design Trope: The Yin-Yang

“Hey, guys. I’ve got a great layout idea for a movie poster…”

. .


Interesting side note: The man is always upside-down.

Can you recall any others? Send me links. This is very important stuff!

The Dem: April, 2014


New Office Setup

Standard Design 2014

The new home of Standard Design, 2014.