Addendum: More Minimalist Shallow Bullshit

Here are a few additional comments regarding my post Poster Design: Minimalist Shallow Bullshit.

* Here are a bunch of angry and petty Metafilter comments about how angry and petty I apparently am.

* Here’s a guy who just posted a comment/link on the original thread: Mighty Creation. I draw special attention to it because it is exactly as shitty and unimaginative as the other stuff I used as examples in this post. Obviously he either 1. Didn’t read the post at all, 2. Thinks the post does not apply to him, or 3. Thinks posting a positive comment about himself here will help his Google Page Rank. So let’s say that he 1. Should have, 2. Is wrong, and 3. Is wrong.

* One bad Truman Show poster wouldn’t shock me… but this many in one place?

* Let’s talk about this flavorwire picture gallery of Claudia Varosio’s poster work for a sec: The drawing for Inglorious Basterds shows a little promise, all the other artwork is way below par, and all the type is unacceptably bad. I congratulate the artist for getting some good publicity on a popular blog. Now get ready for the big surprise: She has shitloads more half-assed work, and she’s selling it on ETSY. Crazy, right? Because, you know, she has so boldly re-imagined these iconic films. You know.

* Just in case you mistakenly think I sound too serious or angry about this topic, I happen to think these super-minimalist posters are hilarious.

* Just saw this on tumblr. Good God. Love, lightbulb, hairy nutsack.