Boston Marathon Bombing: Tragedy Merch

After a terrible event like the Boston Marathon bombing, certain things are sure to occur:
1. People want to help by purchasing or selling things. We, as Americans, generally like to express ourselves through consumerism.
2. People want to display their grief/solidarity/regional pride.
3. People will generate merchandise at an incredible rate in order to fill the demand, quality be damned.
Now, some of the items below might have their proceeds donated to charity (like One Fund, for instance), which I think is awesome. I’m not delving into the motivation behind these items (though I figure some are more noble than others). I just want to look at ’em for a sec. The internet and print-on-demand allows for entire product lines to be created with just a few clicks. I think occasionally, we should pause and take a look at what’s being pumped out.

There’s always a piece of disposable something or other to slap a couple of words on. I’ve gotta get me a few of those buttons!

But the favorite choice is always t-shirts. Everyone loves t-shirts. They’re like bumper stickers for your nipples. Here’s a pile of designs, most vaguely sports-themed, because I guess strength is derived from supporting professional sports franchises.


Here’s a t-shirt company that tried really hard. I mean, these dedicated designers must have toiled over their computers for days, trying to strike the perfect tone of respect and oh fuck it it’s lunch time.

Pre-made marathon clipart templates with new text. EASY-PEASEY!

Nothing says “terrorism” like the ransom note vibe of this shirt design. I like how they turned a B into an S because they already had a B. I like how they skipped the letters they couldn’t figure anything out for.


I especially like the effort that went into these. Boston Scrong! OHMYGODI’MSOEMBARRASSED I meant Stong!

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