A Message About My Comics

After five years of stripping in The Valley Advocate, I’ve decided to quit the weekly comic routine in early May. It’s been a rare and wonderful experience to be a paid, independent, in-print cartoonist in this day and age. I thank the Advocate very much for the opportunity. I’ve had a good run.

The ability to move on is a trait I envy in other people, and it isn’t really something that comes naturally to me. It feels downright weird to give up on something that is, generally speaking, going just fine. But I think it’s time for me to get my ass out of my competent-ish comfort zone and try some other stuff. Focus on writing more, maybe get a little more into video, I dunno.

This is only a semi-retirement, of course, as I’m sure that along with new projects, I’ll still occasionally post comics online (which means many of you won’t even notice a difference). So, as always, I encourage you and your bestest internet friends to go like my comic/writing Facebook page and keep an eye on The Opt page. New stuff will be posted there, every now and then.

This little announcement is also a fine segue into mentioning that I’ve been chipping away at a best-of book collection, Everything You Didn’t Ask For, which will be available in the next few months (update: available NOW!). It will include a whole buncha comic strips, and also writing, posters and other design/illustration work, and some previously unpublished older junk, spanning the last couple of decades or so. It will be a wonderful object you will want to purchase and place on your bookshelf, alphabetically between Chuck Palahniuk and Ayn Rand.