COVER ART – Lollipop Magazine (1996-2000)

LOLLIPOP was/is a Boston-based music magazine. Click on the cover thumbnails for bigger pics. Some of the comic work I did for it ended up in my much-talked-about-but-seldom-purchased FAILURE, INCOMPETENCE collection.

AUG 1996 – The editor’s art direction was “I’m paying for full color covers… use every color!” Yikes. I hated all the text put over it, I hated the pink logo, and I sort of hated my own drawing. Devout Standard Design readers will note the dog is a prototype of Banjo from Broken Lines.

JUNE 1997 – How Bostony-er can you get than a zine cover of riding the friggin’ T? Not a great drawing (I tried and failed to make the kid look like he was pressing his face against the glass of the window), but I give myself points for the watercolored background people. I do not know what possessed the layout person to crop the artwork and add those stupid blue borders—made it a lot harder to understand that the scene was taking place on a train, I think.

FALL 2000 – After two not-super-pleased experiences making covers, I came back one more time, because I have an insatiable need to see myself in print. This was a hefty Photoshop file. Like, everything was drawn separately and combined later (main characters, statue, trees). I think I’d progressed a lot as an illustrator, and was interested in making a clean, bold drawing, which I did. Then I got comments from the editor amounting to “Add more shit in. I want it to be like MAD magazine with tons of little things to look at.” So that led to the after-the-fact addition of background people, pigeons, squirrels, foreground dog and sign, dog shit, tree details, things in the sky, etc. Charlie Brown’s flying a kite back there, too. Really cluttered the shit out of it. Ah, well. The devil came out pretty rad. After this cover I was like “no more Lollipop”. Look, it’s Banjo again.

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