PIXIES – Silver Snail

In March, 2014, I had the strange and surreal treat of being in a PIXIES video, directed by Mount Emult. I got to wear a painted gourd on my head (created by James Bickford) and wear a couple of old dresses. I got to stand around in a frigid icy wet field until I couldn’t feel my hands. I got to walk funny, and then—via the magic of an expensive camera with a high framerate—I got be transformed into something spooky named Broken Lady. Super-good crew of people, including the absurdly dedicated and shirtless Chris Tamma. I wouldn’t exactly say it was a good time, as it was terrible weather and I was going through some hard personal shit, but the final product is really rad. I dig it.

Broken Lady Matt, Paul, and James


Crew at Esselon

Mount Emult – Director/Editor
Dan Peck – Cinematographer/Colorist
Colby Makin – 16mm cinematography
Swathi Mohan – AC
Paul W. Preston – Grip
Andrew Hart – Hands
pronoblem (James Bickford) – Masks, Beast Costume
Chris Tamma – Man Dragging Bag, Beast
Tom Pappalardo – Broken Lady
Alek Gorzewski – Broken Man
pronoblem (James Bickford) – Snake Man, Beast