The Demographic: Reducer video

I’m pleased to unveil the first official video from The Demographic, my band with Sturgis Cunningham. It’s a track off our debut EP and it’s called Reducer. Don protective eye wear and behold ‘er:

This was shot in a very tiny space – approximately 1/3 of our rehearsal room – jam-packed with every piece of music equipment & random other piece of junk we could squeeze in there. I am facing a fake wall we built out of rigid insulation foam, a bookcase, some cardboard, and an old door. Did you notice the Millennium Falcon guitar? The original color mockup of the Easthampton Mural? Of course you did. Did you catch a glimpse of my once-cherished Ghostbusters poster? I sure hope so.

The video was shot on a Canon Vixia HD30 with a wide-angle lens. We lip-synced to a recording of our song that was slowed down 4x, meaning each take was around five minutes long and the playback sounded echoey and weird. It took a surprising amount of stamina and concentration to drag ourselves through multiple super-slow-motion takes, and let me assure you: there were multiple, multiple super-slow-motion takes. The footage was then imported into After Effects and time-remapped back up to the (relatively) correct speed, which I had to then tweak the hell out of to give it any semblance of matching the rhythm.

Here’s a fun fact: The six second intro shot of me and Sturg filling up the room with equipment is actually a ten minute reversed/time-squeezed shot of us emptying the room out as quickly as we could manage.

The shoot took two or three long sessions with me and Sturg together, one afternoon of me alone for the outro, and most of a day to build the set. Editing took many many evenings. The rehearsal room has still not quite recovered from the trauma.