Fantasy Football? Online Casinos? Sports Betting? YOU BETCHA!

Recently, I received a tempting offer via email. What a wonderful business opportunity! A person named Ankit wrote me, representing a casino company. Ankit wondered: Could I write a minimum of 2 paragraphs relating to either fantasy football, online casinos or sports betting, while including a link to one of his company’s client’s websites? I sat and thought about it.

Could I write about fantasy football?
Do I have anything to say about online casinos?
Where do I stand on the issue of sports betting?

It was a serious offer that required serious consideration. I mean, here I am, Tom Pappalardo, a freelance graphic designer who spends much of his time writing funny well-reviewed books about coffee. Would it be worth my time to write a sponsored post about fantasy football, online casinos, or sports betting? More importantly, would it hurt my reputation as a writer and content provider to speak of fantasy football, online casinos, or sports betting when I have previously expressed zero interest in any of those topics?

What about my site’s standing in the eyes of Google? What happens if someone types “Tell me more about the fantasy football” or “What’s up with online casinos anyway” or “I need a sports betting expert to speak to me about sports betting”? Do I want them to find me? Do I want them looking at my Google Ads? (Note: I am including a Google Ad below for reference. Please make sure your ad blocker allows you to see this so you know what I’m referring to.)

(What is it an ad for? Each one of us will see something different! Isn’t the internet an amazing place?)

Anyway, at this point, I’m just not sure if I’m prepared to say anything about fantasy football (except it’s D&D roleplaying for dipshits). I’ve never had much of an opinion about online casinos (except they’re predatory shitholes that prey on our more vulnerable friends and neighbors). Now sports betting on the other hand, now that’s a topic I can definitely say is fucking stupid, and that a person would be much better off putting that money into a savings account or a CD or an IRA. Visit a local bank or credit union and speak to a bank representative to find out more information.

Thank you so much for your generous offer, Ankit! I will ponder it and get back to you very very soon!

Search Engine Optimization and platform leveraging is in full effect.

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