The Demographic: This Broken Place video

Here’s the latest video from my band The Demographic. I’ve been intermittently toiling away at capturing 8mm reels since before Christmas, sifting through water-damaged boxes of junk, and editing in After Effects.

This video is a compilation of some great found footage & family home movies – reels of 8mm and Super 8mm film found in basements, bought at flea markets, and discovered in junk shops. The clips included roughly span the years 1939-1969 and were mostly shot in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York (and one road trip down South in the ’40s). Highlights include the 1940 Macy’s Day Parade, a stage performance by a young and energetic Martha “Polident” Raye, and (possibly?) a brief appearance by an American president.

Hope you like it. Show it to your friends! You have friends, right?

See also: The uncut Macy’s Day Parade footage.

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