Here’s a two-page comic/story monster tale that appeared in the Styles section of the Boston Phoenix a-ways back in October, 1996. It’s a story I wrote in college and it’s illustrated by the ever-talented Mister Reusch, who 100% nails the mood. I’ve always liked it. It’s got good tempo and a good payoff. Apparently, I used to know how to write. HO HO HO.


* This was back when I was still publishing stuff under the moniker Mediocre Concepts Unlimited–No, don’t ask me why. Writing under fake names/fake company names was just a phase I went through. It lasted like, twenty years.
* No one draws menacing crooked teeth like Mister Reusch.
* This story was originally written in 1992 for a writing/collage book project I made at MassArt.
* Mark says: “I still remember being surprised/ confused/ dismayed when this was published as ‘Cartoonist Mark Reusch learns a few life lessons’…I thought, ‘TOM wrote this, not ME!’ and then thinking readers would think I was drawing myself instead of the nameless narrator. This was my 1st Phoenix section cover, drawn & submitted hours right before I got 17 stitches in the middle finger of my drawing hand from a restaurant job injury, then beaten up by a thug who tried to gouge my eyes out (adios, contact lenses) and thrown down a flight of stairs. Ahh, Boston.”
* Sorry about the lazy scan of the cover art. The corner flipped when it should’ve flopped.

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One thought on “Boundaries

  1. Pretty F-ing cool, Tom (& Mr. Reusch)! I want to see more of that. Short and sweet (and f-ing disturbin')! Sorry I'm so profane but I dig the S out of it.