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Here’s a collection of random comments/reviews of things I’ve done that aren’t already covered in the other review pages.

Regarding a comic called “Board” featured in a comic anthology…
…I really dug Tom Pappalardo’s hilarious “Board,” the fullest exploitation of a plank as an imaginative kid’s all-purpose toy and a cure for the “glass-eyed dullard… sitting there like a plate of mashed potatoes left out on the counter over night”? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the story’s concluding line as a universal prescription in awkward or intractable situations: “Give that kid a BOARD!” – Rich Kreiner, The Comics Journal

Regarding my Cartooning Vs Technology post in Wired
“What a bullshit.” – Stas Khabarov

Regarding Art Talk: Typography on Funny Or Die
“Absolutely wonderful.” – Harlack

Regarding Standard Design in general…
Standard Design offers really stunning design work. One thing’s for sure – their work really stands out. Hand someone a “Standard Design” flyer and you can bet they’ll read it. Whether you need flyers, postcards, posters, business cards, web design or CD artwork, SD’s portfolio looks outstanding. We’re not sure why they call their company “standard design,” though, as there’s nothing “standard” about them. “Stellar Design” is more like it. Highly recommended. – Music Biz Academy

Regarding animated ICNE TV ads…
How obnoxious can a commercial possibly be? Have any of your young children asked what it means when one of the character asks, “How’s it hangin’?” Considering the naked cartoon character in the scene, I’m wondering. Hmmmm. Could the neighbor possibly be referring to the naked guy’s genitals! Pretty gross, wouldn’t you agree?
I hope you folks are insured against tasteless marketing! I can’t possibly be the only person who objects to soft porn being foisted on the public as legitimate advertising. Can a viewer sue an advertiser for sexual harassment?
Dave R. – May 14, 2008

Tom Pappalardo
Target Market: graphic design
Purpose of portfolio: to find clients
Comments: This website is very stark, it has a newspaper feel to it. From what I can tell it looks like a website offering freelance work.
Process: 3 sections are listed, intro and a news update is provided upfront. Unfortunatly there is not any design put into the website. The sections only provided a moving slide show of work, which I think isn’t a very good idea, there is not enough to really look at the work. There a lot of body copy that just looks uninteresting to me.
Portfolio Type: spec sheet/brochure
– Allora Montoya, pixelpixies forum

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