ALEC DEAR: A Dark Pome (comic, 1996)

(Artwork: Matt Smith – Story: Tom Pappalardo) The blurb: “Find out what Alec Dear, the mischievous gasmask-wearing dead guy does when he finds himself in the burn victim unit of a secluded children’s hospital!” Zowie fun times! Alec Dear was written by me, mostly while sitting behind the cash register at an All For A Dollar store in a mall in Salem, NH in the early nineties. A perfect setting to write grotesque horror, if you ask me. I tried drawing it, but knew my good buddy Matt Smith had more talent and vision than I did, so he took on the art side of things. He worked on it in Massachusetts, New York, and maybe New Orleans. He applied for a Xeric grant and scored a little money for printing. It was later heavily tweaked and released by Caliber comics in 1998. Alec Dear is free with purchase of another comic or a poster, if you email and let me know. I’ve got boxes of these fuckers! Read the reviews. See the cover: AD

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