The Edification Of Young Chet – An Alec Dear Pome

Alec Dear was a character that Matt Smith and I put a lot of time and effort into in the late 90s. Besides the Through The Wood, Beneath The Moon comic book (published by Caliber in ’98) and the abandoned Hell story, there was also this special eight-page Alec Dear story that appeared in an issue of Aftertaste Magazine in 1998. “The Edification of Young Chet” (featuring Matt’s excellent line work & me writing under yet another pointless pen name) found dear Alec Dear teaching a spoiled rich kid a very valuable lesson about something or other. I don’t know why there was a butler or a fancy study library. It’s very confusing. Let’s take a look at this magical, barely-seen TREASURE.

Things to note:
1. This story is a re-write of a non-cat-centric story called Dig That Fat Big Butt Rat (written for another zine called “Rat Sass” (that was appropriately rat-themed) and later published in my FAILURE, INCOMPETENCE collection).
2. “Hammy” was the name of my ex-girlfriend’s cat.
3. “La Luna Es Negra” (a book on a shelf in the background) was the name of a proto-Broken Lines story I was working on at the time.
4. “Red Cent” (same as above) was a zombie story I was developing with Mister Reusch. Never came together.
5. The guy in the portrait in the opening panel is the police detective from Through The Wood…
6. Matt’s crosshatching is amazing. Matt’s cat drawings are amazing.
7. See Also: Midnight At The Crossroads