The Shining: Film Editing & Set Design

This two-part clip is interesting because of the approach it takes (spatial awareness, unreality), and it points out a lot of cool little details (too many doors, impossibly sized rooms, changing mazes) in the film. It also makes a few stupid points not worth mentioning (the ‘???’ door at 2:20 – first clip. It’s called “an exterior door,” bro). If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare, this analysis of spatial awareness in film by Rob Ager is well worth checking out.

I find behind-the-scenes filmmaking stuff like this to be endlessly entertaining and enjoy watching it, but then I immediately regret it because I know the next time I watch the film, I’ll be thinking about this trivial crap instead of enjoying the movie. I prefer to keep my disbelief suspended… but damn, I enjoy the craft of movie-making too much. Grr!

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