(Artwork: Matt Smith – Story: Tom Pappalardo) Through the Wood… is a re-written, partially redrawn & expanded version of our Xeric grant-funded indie release Alec Dear. Between the original self-published Alec Dear story and this Caliber Comics release, I must’ve rewritten the damned rhymes a gazabillion times. Paul Jenkins helped out a lot the second time around, and also provided Guinness, which always makes writing better. This was our first time ever being published “for real” and for reasons I cannot recall, we never saw a proof copy. I was sort of crushed when we saw the finished product and there were a few lines missing (somewhat critical in a rhyming poem book) and I think one of the main character’s name is misspelled once. Ah, well. We should’ve asked for a proof. Lesson learned.  

TTWBTM might be for sale on my comic site. Read the reviews. See the cover: TTWBTM

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