50 Books I Haven’t Read Yet

Since I’ve had shelves to put books on, I’ve had a section set aside for recently-purchased titles. My ‘New Arrivals,’ if you will. But since we bought this house and I built these bookcases, the To-Be-Read section has grown to take up an entire shelf (plus a little more). I just really haven’t been reading as much as I used to. I wish I could blame the internet or something, but that dog don’t hunt. I’ve just been going to sleep faster.

My To-Be-Read Shelf:
01. The Man With The Getaway Face – Nice looking preview of some IDW graphic novel,The Outfit. Nice 2-color stuff.
02. The Man Behind The Nose – A book about Bozo The Clown, which I normally wouldn’t think I’d be interested in, but it’s quite nicely laid out. Plus the subtitle mentions assassins.
03. The Heritage of Chinese Civilization – I think I picked this up as reference for Broken Lines.
04. More Than Human by Theodore Sturgeon – Old sci-fi, 1953. Is this where the Tyrell Corp. got its slogan?
05. Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase And Fable – A very interesting book I will probably never sit down and look at. But, lemme tell ya, when I looked at it in the store, it seemed very interesting. Honest!
06. Moby Dick by Herman Melville – That might be a cool old illustrated version, I forget. It smells a bit musty. That means I’ll never read it in bed, which means I might never read it at all.
07. Charlie Brown’s Super Book Of Questions and Answers – I had this book when I was a kid. Got it for free at a garage sale. It deserves a re-read. When I do not know.
08. Drawing As A Means To Architecture – a very nice looking book about architectural drawing. Like, with pencils and paper and stuff. Y’know.
09. Editing By Design by White – Design book about book design. Looked interesting.
10. Language Of Vision by Kepes – It was referenced in something I read once, and I wrote down the title, and I carried it around on a list with me for several years. Then I found it, so I bought it. Now what?
11. Swag: Rock Posters Of The 90s And Beyond by Drate/Salavetz – A book featuring a bunch of people I know. Fuck you, I’m busy.
12. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner – Dover collection of the Dore etchings. ::Iron Maiden reference::
13. Frankenstein by Shelley/Moser – Moser hardcover. Like I wouldn’t buy it.
14, 15. Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, Hard Times by Dickens – Some relatively nice cheap Barnes & Noble hardcovers I picked up a ways back.
16. Different Seasons by Stephen King – I read this a long long time ago and picked it up for a dollar.
17. Eating The Dinosaur by Klostermann – I know nothing of this man. I have not read any of his other books. Want to give him a try.
18. Lush Life by Richard Price – I liked “Clockers” and “The Wire.” Should probably give his prose a try.
19. On Writing by Stephen King – For better or for worse, the man has influenced my writing a great deal. Might as well read about him writing.
20. How To Be Good by Nick Hornby – He made a book about soccer entertaining to me, so I pretty much trust him to write good things and not let me down. I have no idea what this book is about.
21. 50 Facts That Should Change The USA – Picked this up in the clearance table at Food For Thought Books. It seemed like a well-laid out book with good nuggets of factoid information.
22, 23. City Of Glass & Leviathan by Paul Auster – I am 83% sure I’ve read one or both of these already, but fuck all if I can remember.
24. World War Z – I swear, Mister Reusch, I’ll read it soon!
25. Tale Of Two Cities by Dickens – Hey, look. More Dickens.
26. The God Delusion by Dawkins – I’m totally deluded by God so I figure I should give this a try.
27. Bambi Vs Godzilla by David Mamet – Heard it was a great look at Hollywood.
28. Eating Animals – I did not put that on my shelf.
29. Underworld – DeLillo – I remember reading some article (possibly a Hornby Believer column?) and it rattled off a bunch of great modern authors. Pynchon, Russo, Auster, Delillo. So I got me a Delillo. Side note: I am currently reading “Empire Falls” by Russo and it is well-written, but also sort of boring.
30. Something Happened by Joseph Heller – I tried reading Good As Gold and got bored with it. It was well-written, of course, just didn’t grab me. I’ll attempt this someday. I should probably just re-read Catch-22 instead. Madonn’!
31. Death Is A Lovely Business by Ray Bradbury – Random Bradbury out of a free box somewhere. Maybe the book shed at the city dump. :shrugs:
32. The Time Machine by H.G. Wells – Haven’t read him since grade school.
33. Conspicuous Consumption by Thorsten Veblen – One of those books you buy just because it looks so damned nice. Originally written in 1899. The dude’s name is Thorsten Veblen for Christ’s sake. C’MON!
34. Gulliver’s Travels by Swift – Never read it, I don’t think. If so, it was probably some watered down Scholastic adaptation or something when I was little.
35. On A Pale Horse by Piers Anthony – The only Anthony book I’ve ever read, and I thought it was cool when I was like, sixteen years old. So I’m curious what I’ll think of it now.
36. Hard Times by Studs Terkel – Did I get this for free somewhere? Why do I have this?
37. Wolfbane by Pohl/Kornbluth – I’ve read all the Cyril Kornbluth sci-fi I could find & moved on to his collaborations with Frederick Pohl, and this is the last one to be read.
38. Grapes Of Wrath by Steinbeck – I think I already started this and got a few hundred pages in. Bad sign for ever picking it up again…
39. Search The Sky by Pohl/Kornbluth – Oh, here’s another.
40. Before The Universe by Pohl/Kornbluth – Okay, forget what I wrote before. I guess I have three to go. It looks like somebody went on a shopping spree! ::punches self in face::
41. Striking Images – A nice Chronicle book of matchbook cover designs.
42. Thoughts on Design by Paul Rand – fancy design book, possibly collectible. Got it at a tag sale for a couple of bucks. I should probably sell all of my design books, because all I do is put them on a shelf like trophies. Thpppt.
43. Graphic Design Visual Comparisons by Fletcher Forbes Gill – another design book. from ’64?
44, 45. Two books about building/converting cars to electric. Ahh, the Festiva that never was!
46. The Samurai: The Philosophy of Victory – A cheesy Barnes and Noble book. It was probably on clearance. Bought for reference for Broken Lines
47-50. Not pictured: Four big thick heavy Neal Stephenson books I might never ever read unless I am in a hospital for a long long long time. Like, maybe due to some serious hernia-type of physical damage, the result of lugging around four big thick Neal Stephenson books.

2 thoughts on “50 Books I Haven’t Read Yet

  1. Don’t read Eating The Dinosaur! All of Chuck Klosterman’s other books are really good, but that one is the clunker. It’s a bad book to get familiar with his work. Read any other one first.

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