Typeface: Classic Typography for Contemporary Design (2009)

Here’s a book that I’ve got a piece in (I’m told the cover of Broken Lines. Thanks, Adam!). I signed release papers for it way back in 2008 and I guess it was released in July 2009 under a different name, but no one told me, and by then I’d completely forgotten about it anyway. A Note To Publishers: It seems to me that notifying contributors that a book they’ve contributed to has been published would be a great way to get some word-of-mouth marketing. Another handy idea: Free contributor copies. They’re worth it!

UPDATE: I just was perusin’ at Barnes and Noble and discovered that not only is the book still available, it’s still a whopping $45, and I have four pieces in it. So Wooo-hooo to that. The work included is the cover of Broken Lines, my Stereolab poster, my Mission Of Burma poster, and my CD cover design for Ricky Lee Robinson’s Secret Love Tricks. The book also contains some nice work from strawberryluna and Jason Munn of The Small Stakes, among many others.