Turn It Up?

I’ve gotten a few random comments from New Englanders that a Foxwoods Casino promotion had lifted/ripped off/whatever my logo for Turn It Up CDs. I saw it and kind of get their point, but I’m still a little on the fence about it. I am either offended or complimented or it’s just coincidence. Not sure. It’s pretty easy to find similarities in almost anything. Sort of like numerology. Ho ho ho! Anyway, here are some screen grabs of the Foxwoods graphics, courtesy of Patrick at TIU:

And here are a few variations of the Turn It Up logo I’ve done over the years:

So what do we have here?
* Same phrase, obviously. Naming a promotion the same thing as the name of a nearby regional chain of stores is a bit odd (Turn It Up has a decade+ of regional print and television advertising under its belt). It creates confusion in the marketplace, yo.
* Similar typeface. But really, that typeface is similar to half the typefaces on the planet.
* Similar colors to what I’ve used in the past.

In the end I’m not too concerned. 1. The logo doesn’t belong to me anyway, and 2. I’ve never hidden the fact that the TIU logo was originally a takeoff of the Impulse jazz logo, so who am I to start getting uppity now? Heh. (Even the name itself was appropriated from the Freedom Rock TV commercial). That said, I suppose I would be intrigued if I were to discover that the design firm that created the Foxwood promotion turned out to be based in western Mass/southern VT/southern NH. If nothing else, it would show a lack of knowledge about (or a disregard for) the market/audience they’re aiming at. What do you think?

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