New Effect Pedal Setup

Telecaster > Dunlap Volume pedal > Dunlop Crybaby (Brimfield junk booth for $10!) > TU-3 tuner (from Novamusik) > Sovtek Big Muff (beat to heck; a leftover from my bass playing days that makes me sound like a crappy J. Mascis) > Boss Space Echo (a superior echo pedal; allows for stereo output; also from Novamusik) > a bunch of sticky Velcro strips from the hardware store > hunk of kitchen cabinet > a One Spot Multi-Plug 5 Cable splitter > Boss PSA120S power supply.

Why the odd-sized, small square board with pedals spilling off to the side, you ask? Well, the first pedal board attempt I made was 2 ft wide and held all the pedals, sure, but it was clunky and heavy and failed to meet my pretty low standards of road-worthiness. I lugged it out to the last Demographic show in a big flight case thing I had kicking around and it was sort of a pain in the ass. Though I am loving playing in this band, I am a total whiny puss when it comes to carrying shit to shows (guitar+backup guitar+guitar amp+bass combo amp+box of pedals/cords). So basically pedalboard 1.0 added too much bulk to my luggage and therefore was a failure.

But this design, the ever more flexible pedalboard 2.0, allows me to fit it into my favorite box on the planet (of course I have a favorite box. Don’t you?):

This board is around 12×12-ish and fits in the box real snug-like, sitting on top of the two Dunlop pedals, with just enough room around the edges to grab it to get everything out. It leaves very little room for Gwyneth Paltrow’s head but is otherwise a fine gig solution, I think.

My setup is none too pretty or professional, but it makes all sorts of neat loud noises when I plug it into two amps and turn up a bunch of knobs ‘n’ stuff.

UPDATE: This setup has not worked out. Apparently my Space Echo does not play well with any other pedal connected to the same power supply. At high volumes (ie something I didn’t discover til after I wrote this post) I end up with a pulsing static sound (the same tempo as the delay setting), even when the pedal was supposedly bypassing. I don’t know if the blame lies with the Space Echo or the splitters, but it’s some sort of ground problem. The splitters work fine powering any other combination of pedal (tuner, wah, Muff). My current solution is to have the Boss power adapter power the Echo only, and everything else’ll go back to battery. But I hate batteries. So I’m mad.

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