First Bass

My first bass guitar: No-name unfinished P-bass body, bought freshman year of high school (1988?) from a senior! Terrible pickups (electronics are long gone in this photo), terrible neck, terrible machine heads, and I used to cut myself on the silly-ass dumb metal things I decided to glue to the body. Dirty and grimy and gross. Yes, those are nickels jammed under the bridge adjusters. I guess I didn’t have any allen wrenches? The action was like, four inches off the neck. I used to beat the ever loving shit out of this thing. It had the intonation of a kitchen table.

I kept it around for many years as an atrociously ugly wall decoration (making a fine companion piece to my Millennium Falcon ‘guitar’). I gave it to some kid on Freecycle a couple of years ago. BYE BYE TORTURE STICK

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