Evidence of Failure: My College Photography Class

I took one photography class at MASSART. Probably in like… 1991? 1992? I never enjoyed the process of developing and printing. Didn’t like being so precious about wasting film. Never learned f-stops and aperture stuff. Didn’t learn much at all, really, except that I didn’t want to take another photo class. Not to say I didn’t/don’t enjoy photo-taking, it just became very apparent that I wasn’t cut out for the medium as an art form. Me, I’ve always been an instant gratification kind of guy, and I was primed for the digital point-and-shoot revolution to come. Anyway, here are some scans of a few wavy, poorly-developed prints I have sitting in a dusty three-ring binder for a couple of decades. Sadly, these are the best of the bunch.



While I was scanning the above stuff in, I also found my binder of negatives. My scanner doesn’t have the slide/negative attachment, so I Googled “scanning negatives on a flatbed” and got a bunch of suggestions I didn’t feel like trying (this actually appears to be a feasible option, but I was looking for… say it with me, kids: instant gratification). One guy claimed to have gotten good results by backlighting a negative with his smartphone. So I tried it. Didn’t exactly work out as well as promised. These results are totally unacceptable reproductions (and heavily manipulated in Photoshop to get anything recognizable at all), but I actually really like the texture/fucked-uppedness of them, so here are a few jpgs from that failed experiment:


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