Addendum: Cartooning vs. Technology

How was your weekend? After a tumultuous week of computer woes, I ended up having a real cool time selling stuff and meeting people at MICE Expo in Boston on Saturday. And while all that bad+good was happening in the foreground, my blog post Cartooning Vs. Technology received a relative shitload of Internet attention in the background. A few readers failed to understand that there was a fair amount of jokes ‘n’ sarcasm in there, and they’ve responded with a rich tapestry of replies to statements I didn’t make and helpful advice I didn’t ask for. Fortunately, the majority of people just thought it was a funny post (I think I like them better). Here are some of the sites that have reposted/aggregated it, in case you’ve already scrolled through the weird comments on the post itself and crave more:

My friend Lonny Unitus enlightens me thusly: “I think you’re overthinking it Tom. Make the “hard to draw” technology part of the joke.”

Angela Watercutter over at Wired did a nice interview with me about the blog post, which Gizmodo then syndicated. Bleeding Cool, Comics Alliance, and Daily Cartoonist all had posts about it. It got a mention on the UK Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation blog, the Robot 6 blog on Comic Book Resources, and Webcomic Overlook wrote about it twice: Once. Twice. As I’m typing this, The Guardian just popped up on my WordPress stats, too. More mentions: Macworld, and this Dutch blog, which I only mention because I love the comment “Meneer Pappalardo, dit is een non-probleem!”.

A cartoonist named Scott Kurtz (PvPonline) posted a confusing comic/blog rebuttal, challenging things I didn’t say and veering off onto something about webcartoonists bothering him for business advice. Which doesn’t really apply to me, seeing as I’d never heard of him before Wednesday afternoon. Also, he confused the word tenant with tenet. Someone should tell him to fix that. Seriously, go read it. The man makes no sense.

Had I known this lowly little blog post of sketchbook scribbles had the potential to reach such a large audience, I probably would have drawn nicer pictures and written it a bit betterer. That’s no apology, though. Just an observation. Everybody knows what an observation is, right?

3 thoughts on “Addendum: Cartooning vs. Technology

  1. I thought Scott Kurtz was particularly off the mark – it never even remotely occurred to him you were joking, but then he’s not a terribly funny cartoonist himself and probably doesn’t recognize it in others.

    However, he absolutely loves to rant about things and burn bridges, so it’s no surprise he felt compelled to do so.