Zombie Uprising!

Zombie Uprising is a four-page comic Matt Smith and I pulled together as a new story to include in our semi-retrospective collab/collection FAMOUS FIGHTERS (out of print) back in 2005/2006. It’s not quite a zombie parody, but it isn’t quite an homage, either. It’s just sort of… a dumb thing with a bunch of cool-looking zombies in it. I’m pleased to introduce the first-time reader to this Brief Saga Of Jaysun And Garry:

Things To Note:
1. I recall being a bit resistant to retreading the old evil-loving headbanger trope (a well-worn path for Matt and I) until I had the genius notion to have them be aging evil-loving headbangers. Suddenly, as they say, everything fell into place.
2. I wrote and penciled this story, and Matt did the vector work over it (aka turd-polished), adding a couple of great backgrounds and all the good-looking zombies. Then I did the text.
3. As I was formatting these graphics for this blog post, I immediately saw a typo. How did I miss a typo for over six years? IT’S RIGHT THERE
4. This comic is like 60% zombie, 38% metal band references, and 2% story. I can’t tell for sure, but I think that might be AWESOME?

This is posted as part of my own lil’ Halloween Week. Don’t forget to check out Boundaries and Midnight At The Crossroads on this blog and Trick Or Treat!, The Haunted House, and Franklinstein over on the Fictional Comics site.