Alec Dear: Midnight At The Crossroads

Midnight At The Crossroads is a 15-page excerpt from a book-length story that Matt Smith and I were developing in the late nineties/early aughts. Originally titled Alec Dear: Hell, we ultimately decided to scrap the project, I believe because Matt was suffering from Technical-Pen-Induced Insanity Rage. Hell was to be our full-length sequel to Through The Wood, Beneath The Moon, where we’d get to see our hero Alec Dear challenge the Devil at the crossroads, with a headbanger’s soul hanging in the balance.

There is much more story that was to precede this scene (involving Derek and Rhawn, headbangers) and much more story that was to follow (involving demons and a fantastic musical number), but this was the only sequence that was drawn beginning to end, and therefore the only scene worth sharing. With a slight bit of tweaking, we pulled it together for inclusion in 2006’s Famous Fighters collection (Famous Fighters is out of print.) Matt’s crosshatching skills are fantastic, and these web-sized graphics do them no real justice). I hope you enjoy this encounter between Alec Dear and Chubby Satan.

Revisiting the story now, after a half a decade or so of forgetting about it, I’ll admit that this is a slightly flawed scene when pulled out of of its original context. And I’ll also admit that it could’ve used a few more rounds of editing to smooth out the rhyming. But in general I still think it’s pretty rad. Mostly cos of Matt’s art. Ha. You might also like to read what reviewers thought of Famous Fighters, most of whom were quite fond of the Alec story (and Barbarian Lord, too, coming soon from Clarion Books).

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