Random Internet Things From The Internet 18

A recurring feature in which I present a collection of miscellaneous crap err, interesting things to look at that I have lovingly and carefully curated for your enjoyment. For some of these entries, I may have spent upwards of three minutes cutting and pasting a URL and thinking of an eight word comment to accompany it. I hope you appreciate my efforts.


There’s an overwhelming collection of Japanese toy packaging and illustrations of ships/cars/spacehips/vehicles in general over on a site called Dark Roasted Blend: The Glorious Retrofuture of Japan. Lots of good cutaways. It seems to be a site that’d be easy to get lost in… Check out this rad collection of motorcycle sidecars. Imma follow them on the Twitter Service.


Doesn’t beat my Huffy Sigma, but it IS pretty awesome.


Here’s Stephen Colbert doing his best nuclear explosion impression. (via @ajosephb) Also great: His Lorne Michaels and James Cagney impersonations.


Here’s a nicely designed bit of home technology: (The?) Nest, A WiFi-enabled digital thermostat that learns. Developed by one of the designers of the iPod. More info.


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