Joe Strummer 1952-2002

Joe Strummer — One of my favorite songwriters, singers, and performers. Today, December 22nd, marks the ninth anniversary of his death. That’s crazy! Crap, I’m getting old. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed just about all of his musical output, from The Clash to the Mescaleros to the solo stuff that happened in between. I’m no punk rock scholar of his career or anything, just a fan.
I’ve been playing Clash songs as long as I’ve been in bands (thanks to the musical introduction by Mr. Shawn Reynolds back in high school). Guns On The Roof, Police On My Back, Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Straight To Hell, The Mescaleros’ Techno D-Day… I’ve helped ruin covers of all of them, and probably more. Joe’s been a big influence on how I play, how I yell (err, sing?), and hell, sometimes how I stand at the mic. Anyway, Sturgis and I decided to record & post our guitar/drum duo tribute to Clampdown, because it’s been a regular part of our live set this past year, and we have a good time playing it when I don’t sing the lyrics out of order or gank up the pick slide. I would also like to officially state that this is the only song I will ever do a pick slide on. Thank you. Carry on.

Have you been to Strummerville?

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