Failure, Incompetence (comic retrospective, 2005)

FAILURE, INCOMPETENCE is a collection of unpublished comics & stories spanning the last decade. Jam-packed with fantastic mediocrity. Pages and pages of immense time-killing. Hated by many, loved by few.
After having spent so much time working on various attempts at comic strips, comic books, short stories, and illustrations, it was really depressing to me when I realized how few people had ever actually seen ‘em. So in late 2004, I decided to start “cleaning out” my proverbial “closet” of old material. But as it happened, most of this stuff really was in my closet, in portfolios next to my sweaters. It took about a year of occasional scanning, cleaning up, and text-replacing before Failure, Incompetence took shape.
This collection represents several failed (though by no means bad) attempts at full comic book stories, many single panel comic strips (I didn’t even include ‘em all), some straight prose, a comic strip called Pinhole, some stuff previously published in zines like VMAG and Lollipop.

“…gags by the pound…” – QUIMBY’S

“The inconsistency here is enough to drive you insane” – COMICS WAITING ROOM

UPDATE JAN 2011: Failure, Incompetence is once again available, in an exciting new second edition

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