Shortest Twitter Handles

Ever wonder who snatched up those great single letter/digit twitter handles back in the early days of Twitter? Well, as someone who saddled himself with a character-hogging username like @tompappalardo, I wondered, so I have collected them here as a valuable resource that will be referred to by great scholars for generations to come.

@a – Andrei Zmievski
@b – Brian Griffing
@c – Coley Cheng
@d – Dave Bragdon
@e – ‘erin’
@f – Fred Oliveira
@g – Greg Leding
@h – Helgi Þorbjörnsson
@i – ‘username doesn’t exist’ but you can’t register it.
@j – Juliette Melton
@k – Kevin Cheng
@l – ‘L’ (private)
@m – Mark Douglass
@n – Naoki Hiroshima
@o – (one of the few businesses)
@p – paolo i.
@q – Ariel Raunstien
@r – Rex Hammock
@s – Sparked Ventures – Another business. Bought off Sandy, I guess.
@t – Tantek Çelik, my automatic nemesis
@u – ‘u’ – the most mysterious so far. descriptive nouns and daily photo links
@v – ‘v’ (private)
@w – ‘Walter’ (private)
@x – gene x
@y – ‘reY’ (private)
@z – Zach Brock
@0 – ‘dreamer’ (gets to say “I am Zero”… lucky!)
@1 – ‘Numero Uno’ – Say, that’s catchy!
@2 – no username given. I didn’t even think you could do that.
@3 – same as “i”
@4 – ‘4’ (private)
@5 – 龍「Dragon」 (mostly inactive) Probably some sort of super-villian.
@6 – Я. Adrian Lamo
@7 – ‘David’ (mostly inactive)
@8 – ‘8’
@9 – ‘Xaviar’

After I made this table, I saw that Mashable did a similar thing back in June. But some of their names are different. Oh well. Why did I do this? How strange.

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