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Quite a bit of my graphic design work is for national clients & faraway clients I meet online, but I also like to keep my designing hand in the local scene. Here’s some work I’ve done for a bunch of great local independent Northampton/western Massachusetts businesses in the latter half of 2011. They are my Pioneer Valley homies, and I love working with ’em, and I love their products/places/causes. I believe the kids today call this a “shout-at.” Major propellers and shout-ats to the 413, you-all!

THE ROOST – I made these two menus as part of an overall branding thing for this fine eatery, which is located on Market Street next to the absurd new bridge mural that replaced the old absurd bridge mural. The Roost is a welcome addition to my list of downtown Northampton lunch options. Eating, drinking coffee and beer at the same time, seeing human beings… what more could one ask for? They’re on Twitter at @theroostnoho. Would you like to see the whole menu? Why don’t I show it to you?

BILL DWIGHT – I created a lot of print material for Bill Dwight’s City Councilor At-Large campaign. He totally won, and I’m fairly confident that it was 100% because of me. YOU ARE WELCOME, NORTHAMPTON. Please see this blog post for a full rundown of the branding job I did for the campaign.

TURN IT UP! CDs – Above: A little handbill thing I threw together for TIU for Record Store Day. I used to work down in that mysterious music cellar on Pleasant Street back in the late 90s and it’s still my go-to place for buying music. I still can’t help but suspect the customers around me of being shoplifters, and so I eye them with venomous hatred. Because that kind of used to be ‘my thing.’ I was the Venomous Hatred Guy. Maybe you remember me? The current TIU crew is much nicer and more helpful and knowledgeable than I ever was. Go ‘Like’ them over there on ‘the Facebook‘. (TRIVIA: I made the sign, too).

INDIGO COFFEE – A big “yummmm” to these Florence-based coffee roasters. I’ve been redesigning their bag labels, print ads, and promotional materials for awhile now. Indigo Coffee is available at State Street Deli (above), Yellow Sofa, and a whole bunch of other places. Check out their website for more info. Original logo by Mark Roessler.

THE HOT CHOCOLATE RUN – I do so much design work for the Hot Chocolate Run, I probably should have a separate blog post of just that stuff, but I don’t so tough nuts. The HCR is a great annual fundraiser for Safe Passage. For this big event I usually handle all of the print material, including signage, promotion, advertising, the program, laying out the polar bear and penguin mug design by Hilary Price, the tote bag, and the yard signs. And more. A big pile of stuff. Big.

A selection of logo designs: FOODPILE, a local food blog, MASS PICS, an independent film production company, and ROOTMASS, specializing in hydroponic greens for the Pioneer Valley.

SAFE PASSAGE – A holiday card for the aforementioned non-profit, Safe Passage is western Massachusetts’ domestic violence shelter and counseling provider. Learn more (and donate to ’em) at safepass.org.

FREEPRESS – Washington DC & Florence MA-based FreePress put out four great Save The Internet ad parodies against the AT&T/T-Mobile merger this year. I made this silly logo mashup for the end title card. GET IT? THEY’RE MERGED.

THE GREEN BEAN – The revamped menu & slightly tweaked logo for one of my favorite downtown breakfasteries. The World Famous kills me. See the whole menu.

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