25 Links I Haven’t Looked At Yet

When I find things online that I like & I think they’re worth sharing, I usually collect ’em into installments of Random Internet Things From The Internet, but due to busy days and an effort to limit my Unfocused Internet Perusing, I’ve ended up with a backlog of stuff to look at. So, in a similar vein to 50 Books I Haven’t Read Yet, here’s a bunch of stuff that seems potentially interesting, but I haven’t actually watched/read/downloaded any of them yet. I encourage you to look at this junk and tell me if it’s worth my time. Ho-ho.

Complete scans of 70s electronic music magazine Synapse (via BoingBoing)

An article about the Minutemen (as in Watt, Boon, Hurley, not uh, guys with muskets or UMASS sports), via Jon Wynn.

My friend Denny posted some Steven Heller videos about racism in advertising and design.

Lifehacker thing: Consolidate all your notifications into one thingamajig.

This New York Times Ricky Gervais interview and this Rolling Stone interview with Louis CK.

I keep meaning to peruse the list of free online courses that Open Culture put together.

I was very excited about the Alan Partridge/Mid Morning Matters videos (some sort of beer-sponsored viral video attempt?) but it appears they took them down. I only see deleted scenes listed now. I need to go find those. I only watched one but I quite liked it.

Everything Is A Remix Part 4

John Cleese – A half hour lecture on creativity (1991) (via splitsider)

A Chris Ware interview.

A video about product design via Brainpickings.

A 13-minute making-of featurette for Blade Runner. (via openculture)

Here’s a nice looking Flash photo gallery interface I keep meaning to take a closer look at.

I skimmed Jessica Hische’s Dark Art Of Pricing when she first posted it, but have yet to give it my full attention, which is probably why I’m still poor.

NYT: The Rise Of The New GroupThink.

Werner Herzog and Cormac McCarthy Talk Science and Culture – A one hour podcast (via openculture).

20 minute video: How Schools Fail Creative Kids (via mentalfloss)

A 5-part AV Club article where Paul Fieg walks you through the entirety of Freaks and Geeks. UPDATE: Read it last night. Some good trivial tidbits.

This one’s a little silly, but The Library Of Congress American Memory site has a bunch of stuff, and I have yet to really sit down and try to peruse. I’m sure there’s a goddamned treasure-trove of type examples and public domain stuff waiting for me there, though I may very well never see any of it.

A 13-minute TED talk on retro futurism by Bruce McCall.

Awesome author Neal Stephenson on getting big stuff done (18 min video). And hell, he should know. UPDATE: Watched half of it. I thought it was about writing long books. It was not.

A half hour video examining the visual style of The Wire. (via flavorwire) UPDATE: Watched it last night. Not a compelling voiceover, but some nice points about recurring stylistic stuff.

This last one is a bit embarrassing, at least in the context of this blog post: How To Prioritize When Everything Is Important. It’s so long! Should I put off reading it? WHAT IF IT’S IMPORTANT? OMG LOOK HERE’S AN ARTICLE ABOUT TO-DO LISTS OH SHIIIIIT. OH NOOOOOOOO A BLOG POST ABOUT HOW TO BLOG I BET I’VE BEEN DOING IT WRONG THIS WHOLE TIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMMEEEEEE

I have decided to try Pocket. I just dumped all the above links in there (excluding Lifehacker ones, which give error messages). We’ll see if it works for me.

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