Steal This Idea: Infill Highway Median Housing

Society is plagued by three overwhelming, nigh-insurmountable problems:
1. There are not enough small, single-occupancy/low income housing.
2. An exciting new manufacturing industry is needed to put American factory workers back to work.
3. State and local governments are wasting too much taxpayer money cutting grass and trimming trees on the sides of highways and interstates.

1. Build long, narrow, one-story homes in the median strips between highway lanes across America.
2. Since homeowners will be merging and leaving fast lane traffic, special car-launchers & car-catchers will need to be developed in order to shoot them into traffic at the proper speed. I’m picturing Top Gun F-14s on the aircraft carrier. Large springs. Hooks. Dudes in jumpsuits utilizing Special Cutting-Edge Flashlight Technology. I don’t know. Someone will work out the details.

I recommend that you invest heavily in car-launching and car-catching technology today. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY.

Professional artist’s rendition of a conceptual mock-up

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