“No Unpleasant Aftertaste”

Rolled up issues of The Springfield Union, from June and July of 1951. We pulled them out of the walls of my former kitchen after it got demolished last week. Most were water damaged or possibly covered with mouse poop, so I took a few photos and trashed ’em. There are a few good Communist era headlines, some local stuff, and a couple of good ads.

Front page of The Springfield Union – July 12, 1951. That’s a photo of a dead woman getting pulled out of the Connecticut River.

Air battles with North Korea, June 19, 1951

Talkin’ ’bout water fluoridation in Northampton, Mass., June 19, 1951. Cue Dr. Strangelove quotes.

Headline typo / B-36 getting old

Mercury ad. I just like the type.

Northeast Airlines / Red Sox tickets

Cheap cars.

The Famous Kenmore Automatic Washer.


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