Polishing A Turd

I was just poking through a folder of already-published Optimist comic art and saw the file for this strip from January. I remembered what a mess the artwork was & how much Photoshop-futzing around I ended up having to do to get it where I wanted it to be. Sometimes I carve up and edit my sloppy pen work so much I wonder why I bother drawing on paper at all. AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. I’ve decided to show you my Photoshop clean-up process via animated GIF to confirm your suspicions that I’m a no-talent slob.

(Click to see a little bigger)
Re-centering, backgrounds, text edits, Racial Reassignment Surgery, a couple layers of grayscale… all in a day’s work! So the next time you overhear someone say “That Tom Pappalardo can’t draw!” I want you to confront them and shout “YOU’RE RIGHT AND I HAVE PROOF”

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