House, Part Four: Framing

This is the fast loud stuff. Things are taking shape at a fantastically satisfying rate of speed, aided in no doubt by the excellent bit of weather we’ve been having. Jeff Gougeon & crew are kicking butt.


Window hole.

1.5 floors.

Thing I Learned: Builders draw out a wall’s framing on the floor, use the drawing as a template to build the wall on top of, then tilt it up into place. This is the back wall roof slope drawn on our bedroom subfloor.

Why is this closet so manly and beefy? Because it’s a load-bearing closet. The front wall of the closet(s) are supporting the weight of the roof trusses & transferring the load down to the 1st floor wall. The closets & dormer are on the cantilevered part of the floor.

“CAN’T TRUSS IT” – Flavor Flav

L: View from my office. R: Still plenty left to do.

Its small, but it’s BIG.

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One Response to House, Part Four: Framing

  1. Kendra says:

    Very interesting, to see this process coming along, Tom. I learned a bit too, I found the bit about the wall template drawn on floor to be a neat little tid bit.
    I’m looking forward to seeing photos of the ‘innards’ as it comes along.
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to your blog.