House, Part Five: Progress

Lots of advancement on many different fronts. Windows! Dormer! Shingles! Some trim work! Had a big powwow with the electrician today to suss out the lighting/switch situation in the kitchen. Plumber this week? WHO CAN REALLY SAY. The process is moving along very smoothly, and has also proven to be very educational, as I am being constantly reminded of the half-assed job I’ve done on the rest of the house. Haw haw haw.

Context. As seen from the street.

Wiring in the kitchen.

Skylight in the bedroom. The foam panels on the left allow air to flow between the insulation and roof. I need to put these in the old/front part of the house at some point.

LEFT: stripped away junk I’m going to have to deal with after the construction guys are gone.
RIGHT: Majestic light shining through the un-shingled roof ridge.

In bedroom, facing old part of the house. Kitchen roofline clearly visible. In the spirit of full disclosure, may I draw your attention to the window on the left? In 2002, in the harried month of renovating the upstairs room so it could become my office, I installed this window sideways. I thought it was a mini double-hung, but once installed, I discovered it was a slider. Let’s just say we didn’t open it a lot.

Same wall a few days later, with junk cut away & window patched and doorway framed. See the stud in the near-center of the photo with the switchbox on it? Another artifact of my decade-old office renovation. Not only is it crooked, and not only does it terminate at the top with a weird little piece of blocking, but it’s also NOT CONNECTED TO ANYTHING AT THE BOTTOM. In fact, the only thing holding it in place is the wallboard that is screwed into it. I have no recollection of why this is the way it is. My only defense is that I had no idea what I was doing, and I was tired a lot. The workmen have been very polite when ridiculing my work.

LEFT: The front wall of the dormer is being left off so the construction guys can come and go through a temporary staircase built on the side of the house.
RIGHT: This thing is the air return for the bedroom, between the new doorway and the closet door. One side faces the new bedroom, and the other side opens to the adjacent office. It’ll get boxed in, and I think I’m going to build some shelf-y thing on top of it so it’s not just a weird little turd in the corner of the room.

This is a pseudo-Craftsman style door. If you are at all familiar with Craftsman style, you might feel that this door is actually a poor substitute for the real thing. Well, it is. But my research for the real thing led me to wood and fiberglass models that cost $800 to $1400, which was waaaaaaay out of our budget. This compromise is right off the shelves of Home Depot for $190. It’s a Jeldwen door, but it’s not listed in any of their catalogs – a Home Depot exclusive. I don’t love it compared to the fancy nice ones, but I love it for its price and relative goodness. It’s totally decent, man.

Dormer peak, housewrap, windows, temporary stairway. Not shown: shingles.

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3 Responses to House, Part Five: Progress

  1. Mark V. says:

    Don’t poo-poo the new door . . . it’s a pre-hung, and you can always swap it our for a fancy one when budget allows . . . and you ‘accidentally’ dent the steel one.

  2. Aunty Tuffy says:

    I am very happy that you are moving right along with this renovation. It is going to be wonderful. You and Sarah must be so happy to be seeing this dream become reality! It was all just a plan when we came out for the “Hot Chocolate Run”. I do remember you redoing the office and other stuff when you first moved in and I thought you did a great job!

  3. Kendra says:

    let’s see the inside of the kitchen!