My Portable Cartoonist Mess-Making Toolbox

These are the contents of my coffeeshop comic-drawing box (I keep it all in an old hard shell plastic VHS tape case). At home, I’ve been drawing with pen and ink a bit more, but out-and-about town, this stuff is less cumbersome/messy. I know what you’re thinking: Tom, quit showing off all your fancy gear. I apologize in advance for my conspicuous consumption of luxury goods.

I really like those medium Lumocolor Staedtler pens – a nice thick line, but with a little more finesse and variation than a Sharpie. I don’t know why I carry around that Vellum Writer 2-sided pen. It’s sort of stupid. I’ve had that drafting pencil for a long-ass time. It doesn’t load lead correctly, so I need to feed it a new piece backwards through the tip, which is a pain in the ass, but I keep doing it. That rusted thing that looks like an old keyhole plate is in fact a rusted old keyhole plate. I found it in my driveway one day and it ended up in the art box and it’s been there ever since. It’s handy for giving strangers tetanus if they bother me while I’m working. That ruler is handy because it fits in the box.

For around $3.67 you too can own the tools of a professional cartoonist.

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