Office/Work Space 2012

REVEALED – The all-new, not-actually-new-at-all Standard Design headquarters! All crazy photo-stitched because the room’s too small for me to step back far enough to take a decent photo (click to embiggen). House construction has necessitated a re-arrange, and lo, it is re-arranged. It’s not bad, but the new addition has cost me two crucial windows, one Ikea table, and my 70’s Compugraphic light table (replaced with a light box that takes up less space – it’s the blurry thing behind my nifty yellow chair). Most of my old junk is still here. This is the first time in a few years I’ve had the drafting table set up for actual drawing (it’s mostly been used as a poster order packing station). I’m determined to do more drawing, even if it’s really terrible. Looks like a workable work space, though. I will work in it.

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