Random Internet Things From The Internet 37

A recurring feature in which I present a collection of miscellaneous crap err, interesting things to look at that I have lovingly and carefully curated for your enjoyment. For some of these entries, I may have spent upwards of four minutes cutting and pasting a URL and possibly I have thought of a short essay to accompany it. I hope you appreciate my efforts.


(via Geoff Chisholm)


Top notch animation, and smart, too. (via laughingsquid)


Really awesome miniature cities made out of metal type. See more photos. (via colossal)


Totally ‘shopped! See more.


* It’s some sort of trainbustrucktram.
* Live Google Hangouts – that seems cool.
* Giant marionettes of Royale de Luxe The Atlantic.
* Eldridge Cleaver and his frightening trousers. Art Chantry wrote a Facebook post about him.
* Here’s a gallery of old Fortune magazine covers (via Heather Muse). Here’s an embarrassing promo postcard for an ‘art show’ full of ‘artists’ and ‘designers’ who ‘stole’ this artwork. Nice work, guys!
* Here is a random photo of a young woman from a Russian LiveJournal post. I looked at it and thought to myself “She has an aquiline nose” and then I thought to myself “Wait a sec, what does ‘aquiline’ mean?” So I Googled it and it means “curved or hooked like an eagle’s beak”. Now I don’t know if her nose actually is aquiline, but I think it’s damned odd that I had that nose-shape-related word knocking around in my head and that I possibly used it correctly. Damned odd.
* The oldest manmade object in New York City. (via laughingsquid/NYCscout)
* oh fuck this.
* NPR has a great Dead Weather show from 2009 in its archive.
* Hilarious.

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