FORTY-3 (comic anthology, 1992-94)

From 1992 to 1994, I was the editor of this fine, lo-fi school-funded anthology at Massachusetts College of Art (MassArt). It was nightmarish and sort of fun. The name FORTY-3 apparently lived on for at least a short while after I left… maybe the incoming freshmen didn’t realize that I’d made up the name and thought it was some thing “official”, I dunno.
The five issues I put out included contributions from Mister Reusch, Paul Alix, Jack Purcell, Matt Smith, and lots of dudes submitting under assumed names. As for my personal contributions to the issues, I had a recurring storyline comic called Bughouse (later renamed to BUGHAUS after some dude put out a “real” comic called BugHouse). In that magically inconvenient world before Internet, I made many trips to many different copy shops. FORTY-3 is out-of print and rabidly sought after by indy comic fans around the world. There have been several reported violent stabbings.

cover art by Paul Alix
This is the issue that picks up where DON’T SHOOT, IT’S ONLY COMICS does not leave off.

ISSUE 1-and-a-half
early 1993
cover art by MISTER REUSCH
This is the issue where I learned that a Smith-Corona electric typewriter is a fine, fine typesetting tool.

sometime in 1993
cover art by Screaming Red Destroyer
This is the issue where I realized how small the talent pool was, despite being at an “art school”.

Issue with no name, apparently
late 1993
cover art by Jack Purcell
This is the issue where I realized I would never have a career in politics.

sometime in 1994
cover art by Mr. Seductive
This is the issue where I officially quit in the letter-from-the-editor.

Hey there.

Just came across your site, bored at work, while searching under “Forty-3”, the official MassArt comic. I contributed to “Forty-3” back in, oh, say ’96 or so, and edited the next couple issues with a guy named Dan Wallis. And no, we had no idea why it was called “Forty-3”, other than a rumor that it was some form of non-sequitor. As far as I know, Forty-3 died after our last issue maybe in ’97? ’98? I tried to keep it alive through a surrogate editor, as I was only in school 1 day a week at that point, but it wasn’t meant to be. If Forty-3 did survive, I’m not aware of it. Not sure if you care, but I thought you might. Our last issue was pretty sweet.

– Kevin, Nov 30, 2004