Do I Look Like Steve Albini?

“You look like Steve Albini.” This has been casually mentioned to me a few times over the years (every time, I believe, occurred while I was working at a music store). I’ve been aware of the man’s career for quite awhile, but never really followed his music or went seeking him out or anything. Well, I finally decided to do a little research on the matter. My findings were… well, somewhat disturbing.


People talk with their hands all the time.

The ripped knees of my jeans are cropped out of this photo.

I don’t have arm muscles, so that couldn’t be me.

Two totally different chords!

This one’s a trick. Both photos are of me.

Feh. Don’t see it.

And then there’s…


Okay, so there was this part of my youth…

I mean, it was like, late high school/early college…

I mean, art school, at that.

In the 1990s

So anyway, this happened:


Why were we wearing those hats on purpose, Steve Albini? Why would we do that?

The horror… the horror….

Anyway, I think I’ve clearly debunked this obviously incorrect theory.
I hope we can all move on with our lives now.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little slideshow of mystery. It was both edifying and frightening.
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