Hello Darkness, My Old Friend coffee art print

This 2-color 10×20 screen print (plus sticker) is for sale on ETSY. If you’re a local (western Massachusetts) and would like to bypass shipping costs, this print is also available at the brick-and-mortar FOE store on Main Street in Northampton.

COFFEE! I love coffee. I do! As you read this, I am likely somewhere drinking some right at this moment. I’d been wanting to make a coffee-themed print or sticker or something for quite awhile, so the coffee-themed Beans and Screens art show at Mugshots Coffeehouse in Philadelphia seemed like a good opportunity for me to get off my duff. So I did! I designed this, and I like it very much. Lots of other folks like it, too, which is really swell. If you like it, too, consider buying it, or adding it to your favorites or a treasury on ETSY, or show it off on Pinterest! Thanks!

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