What I Was Up To In the Third Quarter of 2010

Hello, Tom-Update-Starved-Ultra-Fanz. How are your empty meaningless lives? Feeling a bit low, lately, huh? It’s probably because I’ve been busy. Well, cancel those suicide plans! I’m here to tell you what I was up to in the third quarter of 2010.

HCR: I’ve been chipping away at a new WordPress customization jobbie for Safe Passage‘s December fundraising event, the Hot Chocolate Run. The site features Hilary Price’s super-doop cartoon logo and a pleasant days-of-yore Dunkin Donuts color palette. It would be pretty awesome if it was a hot chocolate and doughnut run. Just sayin’.

TIU: A new radio ad should be annoying you on your favorite local radio station as we speak. According to my sometimes-incorrect records, this is the 32nd radio ad I’ve made for that fine and venerable institution. Ain’t that nutty. It sounds like this. Most of the other thirty-one ads can be heard here. I also did a swell flyer for ’em.

GP: I have a wonderfully delightful page in volume three of The Gigposters.com Coloring Book, a dandy piece of merch from–you guessed it–gigposters.com. It looks like this. Let your inner-child go on an imagination adventure!

CIM: Hey, cowboys and cowgirls. Don’t forget to check out the Cow Island Music 10th anniversary show at the Iron Horse in October. I designed a swell poster for it, printed by Allison over at strawberryluna.com. I also don’t know if I ever mentioned that I did the CD layout for the Stone River Boys latest. Well, I did.

A COMIC: Here’s a comic I made for a comic anthology a couple of months ago. It’s a rare autobiographical detour I normally avoid, because no one really cares about cartoonists’ childhoods. [page one | page two]

NPORN: Also did a poster for The New Pornographers back in late June for a Montreal show. I happened to be in Montreal not long after the show took place, and I can honestly say that the whole city was still abuzz about my poster. There was even a 3-day street festival in its honor. The screenprint is, not surprisingly, for sale on ETSY. See some photos of strawberryluna printing ’em.

OPT: I am very pleased to note that The Optimist is now running weekly in The Valley Advocate. I would make a humorous comment about impending world-domination etc. here, but really, who are we kidding. I will nonetheless be making a self-promotional push in the next couple of months to see if I can get ‘er into any other alternative weeklies. Make sure to tell your “friends” to read it. Also, don’t forget to tell your “friends” to join The Optimist Facebook page, too.

BL: I am toiling away at Chapter Eight of Broken Lines. Chapter One is available for free-readin’ online. I will soon be collecting the first four comic books into one perfect-bound book, because the individual comics have ceased to be cost effective for a new reader to buy. STAY TOONED! Get it? I wrote “tooned” instead of “tuned”. Like a cartoon. See now?

DEM: Believe it or not, The Demographic has been hard at work recording our first one or two EPs. Despite the fact that you have not heard us because we have yet to play a real show, let me assure you that we are fantastic. Keep up with us on Facebook.

Well everyone, I hope you feel renewed in both mind and spirit.

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