Even Lions Will Fear You (WTF comic anthology)

EVEN LIONS WILL FEAR YOU: Two Years of Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot!, A towering collection: every WTF strip published in 2007-2008, plus a bunch of unpublished ones, some early comics (Turn It Up ads) that pre-date the strip, and a few full-page comics that were published elsewhere. If you’ve only read WTF online, you are missing the glorious effect of a bloopy yet crisp halftone pattern on bright white paper. Highly recommended.

Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! is a comic strip about two kids you wouldn’t want to know in real life. At least I think they’re kids. One’s crabby and dumb! The other one is dumb and crabby! …and fat! To my knowledge, they do not have names. W!T!F! is not really about much. I mean, like, the two kids don’t do much, you know? They just sort of sit around and complain about things like consumerism and television and are generally sort of annoying. W!T!F! ran in The Valley Advocate from January 2007-Dec. 2008, and special strips appeared in issues of Royal Flush and I Want Your Skull. There are a bunch of these strips archived over at the-opt.com site. Check em out. 52 pages, 8″x10.5″, self-published (2009).

This book is out of print.