Addendum: Close To Home

Here are a few more CTH strips that have caught my eye since I published my original Close To Home post.

(Dec. 12, 2011)

Let me explain what you’re looking at: That BIG car is supposed to be ABOVE that SMALL car, even though it sort of looks like it is in the BACKGROUND, to the LEFT of the small car. Also, TRAINS are apparently only FOUR FEET TALL and locomotives are only the LENGTH OF AN AUTOMOBILE. Railroad crossing barriers are BIG ENOUGH TO DRIVE UNDER, and wide enough for one to cross both lanes of traffic while the other is JUST SORT OF OVER SOME GRASS NEXT TO THE ROAD FOR SOME REASON. Oh, and people who drive cars and trains DON’T HAVE LOWER TORSOS OR LEGS. Lastly, the motion lines around the big car indicate that it is SUSPENDED IN MIDAIR, SHAKING. You’re welcome.

(Oct. 8, 2012)

Here, let me explain this comic strip to you: You see, there are these two explorers, right? Probably archeologists. One of them is standing on the edge of a canyon, and in the distance he can see his companion is being struck on the head by a caveman. But little does he know there’s a caveman behind him, too! Meanwhile, a stuffed reindeer stands almost off-panel, watching with its dead-eyed gaze. And in the distance, one can see what might possibly be large floating carrots or perhaps miniature tornadoes.

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7 thoughts on “Addendum: Close To Home

  1. If you wrote a comic strip or panel it would be a hit— can’t stop laughing at your statement. Like the line “a stuffed reindeer stands almost off-panel”

    “And in the distance, one can see what might possibly be large floating carrots or perhaps miniature tornadoes.”

  2. That second one is so poorly executed you got the explanation wrong. The archaeologist is looking at a cave painting of an archaeologist getting bonked in the head. Little does he know the cave painter is standing behind him about to bonk _him_ on the head as well!

  3. The way Close to Home is drawn is part of what makes it funny. I think your rants about CTH serve to reveal that you are an egotistical, self-centered, opinionated , vapid twerp who’s only approach to elevating himself is to attempt to push others down. You take yourself far too seriously.

    I think it’s really great that John McPherson is doing better than you are

    1. Bruh. There is not a single chance, there is not one iota of any chance, at all, that that shitty-ass comic is drawn that way as the result of ANY intent, never mind the intent to add to the humor. This comic is what happens when you follow your dream regardless of whether you have any of the requisite talents typically required for pursuing said dream. You have a lot to say in defending the honor of poor old John McPherson, but ironically and unfortunately for your aims, the fact that you say the comic is funnier because it isn’t drawn very well at all is really quite the insult to a guy that wasn’t trying to do that. I would also like to point out that you’re the pot calling the kettle black by using insults and abusive language to tell a person that THEY are elevating themselves by putting others down. I’ll claim no moral high ground in this exchange. I just think you’re a straight idiot.

  4. I’ve deplored this banal cartoon for years for its poor execution and pathetic attempt at humor. Your comments are right on the money and HILARIOUS. Well done, man.

  5. I am laughing hysterically right now. Not at the strips, though. These observations hit a bulls eye.

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