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I recently sat down in the studio bunker of The Bill Dwight Show podcast to take part in a free-wheeling conversation with Bill Dwight and Jaz Tupelo about my comicking. Comimickry. Cartoonering? Errr, about a wide ranging variety of topics. By my reckoning, I only say three or four outright stupid things. Not too shabby, really. On par with my regular average of dumbness. Give ‘er a listen:

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…or listen on The Bill Dwight Show site. As a bonus visual aid to this tasty audio treat, please allow your mind to be further expanded by referring to the following material, which relates to topics that were touched upon in the aforementioned discussion. It’s like a read-along adventure, except without the reading along or the adventure.

Haverhill, Massachusetts. Here’s an old comic from the early/mid 90s:

Hipsters being a lot like vampires. This is one of the most-viewed Optimist strips. (Don’t miss out on the reader comments):

Dead Malls This is an excerpt from a mid/late 90s story that wasn’t very good:

a local parody of the YMCA I made between the end of Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! and the beginning of The Optimist (this was also a radio segment):

All For A Dollar Another page from the aforementioned story from the mid-90s:

Purple bags from the Springfield Republican (this was also a radio segment)

My graphic novel Broken Lines.

The long-running Turn It Up! ad campaign I’ve been dorking around with since the mid-90s (This ad pre-dates me vastly improving the logo, so I guess it’s probably from ’95 or ’96. Wait… good lord, is that a JavaNet web address???).

Links to other things that may or may not have been touched upon in the course of the conversation:
Free Press – Save the Internet. Protect Net Neutrality
Turn It Up! Music & More
The Valley Advocate
Facebook Group against the Springfield Republican ‘purple bags’
Broken Lines graphic novel
The Masslive Northampton forum
Bluebonnet Diner
Mild Abandon

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