Designer, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Writer, Animator, Etceterator

Professionally, I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and After Effects animator. I like clean, flat, and bold. I am available for freelance work. I work under the name Standard Design.

Subprofessionally, which I am pretty sure is a word, I am a writer and cartoonist. My ongoing projects include comics and writing at, and forever toiling in vain on an illustrated novel (Broken Lines).

Unprofessionally, I play music. I’m the handsome half of the drum & guitar duo The Demographic. I had a song on Car Talk once. I have released five albums.

I live in Northampton, Massachusetts. When I’m in a room full of idiots, I pretend to be the smartest guy there. When I’m in a room full of smart people, I pretend to be an idiot. As I have grown older, I have retained an appreciation for Iron Maiden.

Contact & Social Media

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