Doctor Zhivago, a beautiful film, a troubling film. A timely film if you’re a person who feels the struggle between political life and a creative life. Giant red trains. Ice-encrusted homes in the mountains. A British cast portraying Russians for some damned reason. Invite thirteen families into your home to watch this classic film. It is more just.


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Doctor Cumberstrange

Saw Doctor Strange last night. With all its spinny foldy landscapes, this was the first 3D movie I’ve seen that felt worthy of the 3D treatment (to be fair, I haven’t seen many). The bad guys were boring and paper-thin. There were, as always, plenty of non-Asian main characters appropriating bits of Asian cultures. A question I asked last night: Why would someone bother hiring Benedict Cumberbatch to have him be not-British? The spinny foldy bits were pretty cool.


I’m sitting at my desk on post-election day, reviewing eight pages of aborted paragraphs I’ve scribbled in my notebook, wrestling with the desire to communicate and connect with you, to say something important or useful or — if all else fails — something clever or entertaining. The eight pages have come up short on all fronts. I got bupkis.

All I can do is tell you what I’m going to do: Make things I care about and call out bullshit when I see it. I will do these things because I think they’re important and vital to our culture and society (and also because they’re the only things I have any aptitude for). So I will play to my strengths, even if it’s in the form of a dumb joke. So be it. These are the tools I have, so I’ll use them. I encourage you to create art and fight against the things that make you mad, too, in your own way, using the tools you have.

Go forth and make something. A scathing op-ed, a stupid meme, a fierce metal riff, a sketch (comedy or pencil), a protest sign, a hilarious book about drinking coffee available on Amazon next month, a photo of your world, an earnest Facebook post, whatever. Inform your audience, or rile them up, or give them joy. Play to your strengths. All I ask is that — on some level — you believe in your thing, it communicates something you give a shit about, and it’s the truth. Cut off little pieces of yourself and set them loose in the world. Don’t be afraid. You won’t run out.

Prince Tribute

There was a fantastic Prince tribute show at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton, June 5, 2016. Have a listen to Nothing Compares 2 U, I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, and a real low and dirty version of Let’s Go Crazy, featuring me on vocals and guitar, Dana Wilde on drums, and Aaron Borucki on bass. Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down? Continue reading

Quotes, Part Four

I’ve always been a quote-collector. Scribblin’ ’em down in my notebook or CTRL+C-in’ them, and inevitably doing nothing with them except dumping them into the ol’ WordPress draft folder. I collected a bunch into a blog post in 2011, another in 2012, and yet another one 2013. It appears that I’ve backlogged another bucket of quotes. So here they are. Read ’em. Continue reading

“Let’s print our bullshit on a hunk of plastic!”

This is the third or fourth Xfinity/Comcast junk mailer I’ve received that includes a fake credit/gift card, which seems to exist solely to make people open the envelope. It’s either A. tricking recipients into thinking there’s a real card in there, or B. causing them to open it simply to recycle the card. What a bunch of wasteful, cynical, unimaginative shitheads.

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