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Here’s a two-page comic/story monster tale that appeared in the Styles section of the Boston Phoenix a-ways back in October, 1996. It’s a story I wrote in college and it’s illustrated by the ever-talented Mister Reusch, who 100% nails the mood. I’ve always liked it. It’s got good tempo and a good payoff. Apparently, I used to know how to write. HO HO HO. (more…)

Random Internet Things From The Internet 14

A recurring feature in which I present a collection of miscellaneous crap err, interesting things to look at that I have lovingly and carefully curated for your enjoyment. For some of these entries, I may have spent upwards of three minutes cutting and pasting a URL and thinking of an eight word comment to accompany it. I hope you appreciate my efforts. Let’s take a look, SHALL WE?

ALEC DEAR: A Dark Pome (comic, 1996)

(Artwork: Matt Smith – Story: Tom Pappalardo) The blurb: “Find out what Alec Dear, the mischievous gasmask-wearing dead guy does when he finds himself in the burn victim unit of a secluded children’s hospital!” Zowie fun times! Alec Dear was written by me, mostly while sitting behind the cash register at an All For A Dollar store in a mall in Salem, NH in the early nineties. A perfect setting to write grotesque horror, if you ask me. I tried drawing it, but knew my good buddy Matt Smith had more talent and vision than I did, so he took on the art side of things. He worked on it in Massachusetts, New York, and maybe New Orleans. He applied for a Xeric grant and scored a little money for printing. It was later heavily tweaked and released by Caliber comics in 1998. Alec Dear is free with purchase of another comic or a poster, if you email and let me know. I’ve got boxes of these fuckers! Read the reviews. See the cover: AD

REVIEWS: Alec Dear & Through the Wood…

A REVIEW, TRANSLATED FROM FRENCH BY GOOGLE: Perhaps attention, a small jewel hides in your salesman of comic and if you do not hurry, there’ will have some more! Through the Wood, beneath the moon (dark poem has) is as its name indicates it a poem. An illustrated poem. Just images illustrating of the text. A little with the manner of a book for child like… The Nightmare before Christmas de Tim Burton. The book, not the film. The poem which is much blacker than film.

It is the full moon. Appears Alec Dear, it carries a large dark coat, a wide hat and a gas mask of the second world war. This night, it will visit the sick children at the hospital because it trouble. It will try to go up the moral one to them…