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No-Shadow Kick: Basement Make-Out Party (1999)

Now available on bandcamp as a free/name-your-own-price download, my old band’s debut CD. We wrote it, we recorded it, we put it out, it got some mixed reviews, and then nothing happened – a victim of fierce under-promotion and a dreaded proclivity towards shooting ourselves in our collective feet commercially. But now, twelve years later, it has risen again to sate your music consumption desires. Here’s my critical assessment and fond recollections of this fantastic landmark Completely Non-Remastered 12th Anniversary Internet Edition: Continue reading


VMAG,a local (Northampton/western Massachusetts) zine published in the late nineties/early aughts, wasn’t my publication, but I did a bunch of graphic work for Murph, the publisher. And since it seems to have very little life on the internet, I figured I’d post some of the work I did for it. Most of the inner-page stuff (spot illustrations & a comic strip called Pinhole) I ended up including in the mythical Failure, Incompetence, but here’s some of the cover illustration and design work I did in 1999/2000: Continue reading

REVIEWS: No-Shadow Kick – Basement Make-Out Party

AMG EXPERT REVIEW: No-Shadow Kick’s Basement Make-Out Party does a good job of showcasing the band’s chops, sense of humor, and musical influences, but none of these elements really jell into a cohesive album. Their stripped-down sound and the album’s slightly rough-around-the-edges production values are appealing, however, on tracks as varied as the quasi-emo of “Daft”; the jazzy, math rock-influenced “Sat Through Tues. in July”; and the pretty Beck- and Pavement-inflected “Scarecrow Waltz.” Continue reading

REVIEWS: Alec Dear & Through the Wood…

A REVIEW, TRANSLATED FROM FRENCH BY GOOGLE: Perhaps attention, a small jewel hides in your salesman of comic and if you do not hurry, there’ will have some more! Through the Wood, beneath the moon (dark poem has) is as its name indicates it a poem. An illustrated poem. Just images illustrating of the text. A little with the manner of a book for child like… The Nightmare before Christmas de Tim Burton. The book, not the film. The poem which is much blacker than film.

It is the full moon. Appears Alec Dear, it carries a large dark coat, a wide hat and a gas mask of the second world war. This night, it will visit the sick children at the hospital because it trouble. It will try to go up the moral one to them…
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