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No-Shadow Kick — Spatializing Sound In The Time Domain (2005)

The third and final CD by the mysterious The No-Shadow Kick, released back when I foolishly thought eclecticism was some sort of virtue. Ho-ho-ho. This album has something for everyone, and therefore probably something for everyone to hate, too. (more…)

FAILURE, INCOMPETENCE (comic book trailer, 2011)

Here’s a little book trailer for Failure, Incompetence: Aborted Jokes and Abandoned Stories, 1995-2005, a book I released in 2005 and let quickly fall out of print for uninteresting reasons. Well, now it’s 2011 and she’s back in circulation! Wooo!! (more…)

REVIEWS: No-Shadow Kick – Spatializing Sound in the Time Domain

Listeners are likely to decide by the very first song whether they love or hate Northampton’s No-Shadow Kick (according to the EP’s cover, now “The” No-Shadow Kick): the lead singer has an intense low nasal yowl, which works well with the mischievous lyrics and turbulent guitars. (more…)

Failure, Incompetence (comic retrospective, 2005)

FAILURE, INCOMPETENCE is a collection of unpublished comics & stories spanning the last decade. Jam-packed with fantastic mediocrity. Pages and pages of immense time-killing. Hated by many, loved by few. (more…)

REVIEWS: Failure, Incompetence

Tom refers to this as “a collection/retrospective of the last ten wasted years of my artistic life (ha).” Well, he’s full of wilderness muffin mix, for rather it’s a collection of zany gag cartoons and longer pieces, all in a booklet that’s strangely reassuring to hold. (more…)